IQ Bot Version Release Notes

Review the changed features, fixed features, and known limitations for IQ Bot Version patch release. There are no new features or security fixes in this release.

Changed features

Performance improvements

Further performance improvements are introduced in this release for handling concurrent users and page load time over IQ Bot Version patch release.

Fixed features

You can now access a particular document in the Validator using the Validator URL API.

Known limitations

If you have installed the IQ Bot Version patch, you must uninstall it before installing the Version patch.
After installing or uninstalling any IQ Bot Version 11.3.4.x patch, the desktop shortcut will not work. Follow the prerequisite steps provided in the upgrade topic: Upgrade from IQ Bot Version 11.3.4 to Version 11.3.4.x patch.

The auto-correction and auto-suggestion features, which are part of the MLScheduler service, use system resources extensively and cause the system to slow down or stop responding.