IQ Bot Version Release Notes

Review the new features, changed features, and fixed features in Version of Automation Anywhere IQ Bot. There are no security fixes in this release.

New features

Default validations for a group

When editing a learning instance, you can now use the Select the default validations group drop-down menu to select an available group. The custom logic and validations for the selected group will apply to all new group documents in production.

IQ Bot 11.x: Edit a learning instance

Changed features

Change in encryption protocol support (Service Cloud case ID: 00687856, 00707964)

IQ Bot now supports only TLS 1.2 and higher.

Python library upgrade (Service Cloud case ID: 00760960, 00812130)

IQ Bot now uses Python version 3.9.5 for data extraction.

Node.JS upgrade (Service Cloud case ID: 00737129, 00764459, 00791511)

IQ Bot now uses Node.JS version 10.24.1.

RabbitMQ upgrade (Service Cloud case ID: 00771128, 00812131, 00795363)

IQ Bot now uses RabbitMQ version 3.8.16.

Fixed features

Service Cloud case ID Description
00668412, 00644948, 00717414 When you upload a document to a learning instance in production, IQ Bot now runs without failures caused by deadlocks.
00702139 When you are loading the dashboard, editing a learning instance, or extracting results to a CSV, the page no longer freezes.
-- You can now successfully add fields to a learning instance that is on a cluster and click Save. Previously, an error caused the Edit learning instance page to be stuck on the Updating instance and uploading documents screen.
00651057 IQ Bot can now connect to Control Room Ignite cache without any errors. This fixes the issue that previously caused IQ Bot to not display all learning instances.
-- You can now access IQ Bot after a fresh installation without issues. Previously, there was a communication issue between IQ Bot and Control Room.
00784016 The Upload API now supports requests that contain /gateway in the request path.
00728523 When you add a field to a learning instance, the change is now reflected in all the existing bots for that learning instance.
00795424, 00723586 When you move a learning instance between environments, unclassified data is no longer exported.

Known limitations

Sometimes, the PDFBox is unable detect PDF (Portable Document Format) documents accurately. We recommend that you first convert the documents into PDF using Adobe Acrobat before uploading it to IQ Bot.