IQ Bot 11.x: Prerequisites for installing IQ Bot in Express mode

Complete the prerequisites to set up IQ Bot in express mode.

Complete the following steps before you begin installing IQ Bot in express mode.


  1. Preinstall the Automation Anywhere Control Room Version 11.3.1 base plus either Version or Version patch on the target machine in express mode. This is required for communicating with the Control Room using default settings.
  2. Ensure that SQL Server Browser service is up and running before installing IQ Bot in express mode.
  3. Start the SQL Server Browser service in any one of the following ways:
    Option 1
    1. Launch the SQL Server Configuration Manager.
    2. Go to SQL Server Services.
    3. Start the SQL Server Browser services.
    Option 2
    1. Launch the Task Manager.
    2. Go to the Services tab.
    3. Start the SQLBrowser services.
  4. Use the Automation_Anywhere_IQ_BOT_<version_number>.exe file to install IQ Bot.
  5. The setup wizard guides you through the installation process. During installation, any software dependencies or missing prerequisites are installed.
    Note: When a file is uploaded to a fresh IQ Bot instance, the database administrator is unable to extract any information about that file from the database as the data is encrypted.
  6. Enable SQL authentication.
    Enable the TCP protocol on the SQL server and listen to the local host at port 1433.
  7. Set the SQL server instance name to AACRSQLEXPRESS.
  8. Create a user with sysadmin permissions for username aaadmin, and password aabots@123.
  9. If you install IQ Bot Version 6.5 , with the Control Room, ensure you update the file and set and ignite.tls.disable=true. If you install IQ Bot Version 6.5.2, ensure you update the file and set ignite.tls.disable=true.
    1. Locate the file in your Control Room directory (for example, C:\Program Files\Automation Anywhere\Enterprise\config\). If the file does not exist in your Control Room directory, then create it using a text editor:
      1. Create a file with the filename,
        Note: Ensure all file extensions are shown and your editor is opened with Administrator rights.
      2. For IQ Bot Version 6.5, add and ignite.tls.disable=true.
      3. For IQ Bot Version 6.5.2, add ignite.tls.disable=true.
    2. Save the file.
    3. Restart the following services:
      • Automation Anywhere Control Room Service
      • Automation Anywhere Control Room Caching
      • Automation Anywhere Control Room Messaging

Next steps

See IQ Bot 11.x: Installing IQ Bot in Express mode for steps to install in Express mode.