Hardware and software requirements for IQ Bot with Extensions

The following diagram provides the deployment architecture for IQ Bot with Extensions.

IQ Bot deployment architecture

This page mentions the minimum requirements for installing Control Room node. See Automation 360 On-Premises prerequisites

See the minimum hardware and software requirements for IQ Bot node with Extensions below:
Supported operating systems for IQ Bot node with Extensions
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard / Data Center
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard / Data Center
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise
Software Details
Database Management System

Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017 (Express or Standard or Enterprise or later).

Microsoft SQL Azure (RTM) 12.0.2000.8 (optional).

Automation Anywhere Control Room See IQ Bot version compatibility matrix for a list of compatible versions.
Web browsers The Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 11 web browsers are supported.
IQ Bot is dependent on the following software, which is automatically installed during the installation process:
  • Microsoft .NET Framework v4.7.2. The system prompts for a restart to complete the update.
  • Erlang v22.0
  • RabbitMQ v3.8.18 v3.7.17
  • NodeJS v10.16.3
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client - QFE

  • Python 3.5.4 (32 bit)
Note: This is installed automatically by the installer and requires a system restart.
Note: For IQ Bot extensions feature to work, the custom extraction services needs to be running on an engine node. We recommend that this engine node be part of a different machine instead of the one that has the IQ Bot node. The configuration of the machine running the engine node (as described in the figure) depends on the requirements of the custom extraction service built for the specific fixed format documents.