IQ Bot Version Release Notes

The release notes describes new capabilities and changed features for IQ Bot Version

New features

IQ Bot Version new features
Feature Description
New IQ Bot patch installer Users can now install the updated patch files using the new patch installation process. Uninstalling the patch reverts IQ Bot to the base version.

For example: IQ Bot Version 11.3.4 is the base version, and the patch updates IQ Bot to version Version

Upgrade from IQ Bot Version 11.3.4 to Version patch release

Changed features

IQ Bot Version changed features
Feature Description
IQ Bot performance enhancement IQ Bot caches some static and semi-static data from API calls for some time to improve performance.

Data for these static API calls are stored (cached) in the browser for short periods of time. Subsequently, when API calls for that same data are made within the caching time span, the browser responds immediately with the cached data.

Users should be able to see the latest refreshed data within two minutes.

Security fixes

There are no security fixes in this version.

Deprecated features

There are no deprecated features in this version.

Known limitations

During the Version patch uninstallation process, the IQ Bot services are stopped and uninstalled. After the process is complete, the services are reinstalled and restarted.