Export or Import learning instances within IQ Bot 5.2 installation

Find out how to migrate learning instances within different installations of the same version of IQ Bot.


To use migration utility, log into the IQ Bot portal. The Migration Utility screen displays a list of all learning instances available on IQ Bot.
IQ Bot supports migration of learning instances from one IQ Bot 5.2 installation to another instance of IQ Bot 5.2 installation, using the export/import feature. Groups, bots, and learning associated with a learning instance are exported, along with training documents, that are used to train the bots during staging.


Launch migration utility by adding /migration-utility at the end of the portal URL in the browser, and choose Enter on the keyboard (<IQ bot portal hostname:port>/migration-utility)

  1. Perform the following procedure to export learning instances using the migration utility.
    1. Select one or more learning instances as per your requirement and click Export.
    2. Enter an appropriate name for the backup data file, and click I understand, please export to begin the export process.
      Name of the backup file is appended with timestamp to make it unique.
    3. Wait for the export to complete; after which, the exported data file with .iqba extension becomes available in the OutputBackupData folder within the IQ Bot output directory. As export is a CPU-intensive activity, limited user interaction with IQ Bot is allowed when any export process is in progress.
  2. The following procedure walks you through the task of importing the learning instances using the migration utility:
    1. Place the exported data file in OutputBackupData folder within the output directory of the IQ Bot installation, where you want to import the learning instances.
    2. Click Import, and then select the backup data file to import.
      Import replaces all existing learning instances with the instances that you import. Before initiating an import, back up your existing learning instances in case you need them later.
    3. Select the required learning instance and click I understand, please import to begin the import process.
    4. Once the import completes, you can see the imported learning instances.
      The imported learning instance retains its environment state and the state of all the associated bots.