Import domains for fixed format documents

Import the domain file (with .dom file extension) for fixed format documents to IQ Bot.


  • Install IQ Bot on your machine and obtain necessary access rights for an administrator.
  • Reach out to your service representative/sales engineer for the relevant domain file for the fixed format documents and get the custom extraction service installed on your environment.
The domain files contain relevant metadata about the specific fixed format documents, and details of the custom extraction service for IQ Bot extensions. For example, a UB-04 domain file contains all relevant fields for that form along with the information for the UB-04 custom extraction service.

Follow this process to import a domain file specifically designed for processing a fixed format document. User can then create a learning instance using the imported domain.


  1. Log in to IQ Bot as an administrator and navigate to the Domains tab.
  2. Click the Import new domain button at the top right corner of the Domains page.
  3. Select the domain from the location where you have it stored on your machine and choose Open.
  4. A message with the domain name displays confirming the successful import.
  5. Next, navigate to the LEARNING INSTANCES tab, and click on the Create one now button.
  6. User can see the imported domain in the Upload documents field drop-down list.

Next steps

Create a learning instance using the imported domain.