IQ Bot Version Release Notes

Review the new features, changed features, fixed features, and known limitations in Version of Automation Anywhere IQ Bot. There are no security fixes in this release.

New features

Control creation of groups

Use the New groups creation setting section in the Learning Instance > Edit page to limit creating groups when uploading training documents to IQ Bot. Use the Threshold to create new groups value and Never create new groups check box to define the parameters.


Changed features

Search by filename in Validator

(Service Cloud case ID: 00372981)

Use the Search by filename field in the Validator screen to search a document in IQ Bot.

Validator enhancements

Import custom domains from the staging to the production server in any order

(Service Cloud case ID: 00472445)

You can now edit and update an existing custom domain multiple times and import them to the production server multiple times, in any order, before importing the learning instances. After importing the learning instances, the system classifies all documents in the production server correctly, allowing successful processing of documents.

Custom Domain in IQ Bot

Fixed features

Service Cloud case ID Description
00551886 Unicode issue with table validation for Asian languages is now resolved.
-- A validation error message along with the corrected field is now displayed in the output (.csv) file for documents validated using ValidatorURL.
00605607 When you click Save current document in the validator screen, the document is now saved without any errors and the corresponding .csv file is created in the output folder.
00376179 The Automation Anywhere Cognitive Project is now created without any errors even when you use the IQ Bot batch files to install or uninstall.
00702139 IQ Bot no longer becomes unresponsive when you edit an existing learning instance.

Known limitations

To import learning instance backups on an IQ Bot Version environment, the backup (.iqba) file must be exported from an IQ Bot Version environment only. Therefore, you must also upgrade your source IQ Bot environment to Version This requirement is due to changes made in database schemas and version information in the backup (.iqba) files.

When you click the Save and go to next group option, the available groups or the learning instances are sometimes not displayed.

(Service Cloud case ID: 00565803)

If the time spent in validating different groups varies substantially, the Y-axis (depicting time) in the Validation chart sometimes does not display data accurately. You can hover over the bar for individual groups to view the time spent in validating that group.

When the value entered for GroupDocumentThreshold in the settings file is zero or negative, the Threshold to create new groups field does not display the default value of 10 in the Learning Instances > Summary page.

Due to some enhancements in IQ Bot Version, Microsoft Azure (RTM) Database is not compatible with this version.

(Service Cloud case ID: 00753319)

If you are running IQ Bot using a service account credential where the password contains a space, the IQ Bot logs will not update.