IQ Bot Version Release Notes

Release date: 03 March 2021

Review the changed features, fixed features, and known limitations in Version of Automation Anywhere IQ Bot. There are no new features or security fixes in this release.

Changed features

Sequential document processing (Service Cloud case ID: 00662968, 00665331)

Use the See Extraction Results option in IQ Bot to open a request in a new browser tab where its number in the queue is displayed. This number decreases as previous requests in the queue are processed.

Dutch language support (Service Cloud case ID: 00694020)

IQ Bot now supports the Dutch language with ABBYY FineReader Engine.

Enhancement to Migration Utility

When you now export an IQ Bot archive (.iqba) file, only a single document associated with every available bot (group) training is exported. This significantly reduces the size of .iqba files to export.

Enhancement to Validator: Session resume

Whenever you make a change in the Validator, IQ Bot now saves your data in the local storage. If you lose your session, you can resume your session with the same document after you log in again. This data is saved till all the documents are either saved or marked as invalid.

Fixed features

Service Cloud case ID Description
-- If you select any field on the Validator screen, the focus from that field is no longer lost when you now click or draw to select an SIR.
00636899, 00683451 When you create a learning instance using the custom domain, the field names now appear correctly, irrespective of the custom domain language.
00657928, 00679540 Exported IQ Bot archive (.iqba) files no longer contain any records whose classificationID = -1.
00658245, 00459301, 00677204, 00532325 Custom Python logic now displays extraction results in the Designer without any errors.
00408482 You can now successfully export a custom domain created using Korean or other Asian languages.
00687535, 00666456, 00686297 IQ Bot machine learning services are now correctly installed when you install IQ Bot.
00679790, 00648013, 00670191 You can now migrate, export, import, or download IQ Bot learning instance backup (.iqba) files of up to 1 GB. This is applicable to learning instances containing up to 100 groups of 10 MB each.
00668412 Documents that you upload to production are now sent to the Validator effectively. Previously, documents were sometimes not sent to the Validator because of deadlocks that occurred in the system.

Known limitations

(Service Cloud case ID: 00715124)

When you upload staging or production documents to a learning instance, temporary files are created in the C:\Windows\Temp folder, and the folder size might increase over a period of time. Therefore, manually delete the files from this folder because it can cause IQ Bot to stop responding.

Sometimes, a learning instance might not appear in the Enterprise Client.

Workaround: Uninstall the Enterprise Client and reinstall it.

If a concurrent user deletes a bot, IQ Bot does not restrict another concurrent user from moving that bot to staging or production.
Sometimes, after a new installation, IQ Bot is not able to connect to Control Room and the following error message is displayed when you log in to IQ Bot: "Error connecting to control room, pls try login again".


  1. Unregister IQ Bot from the Enterprise Control Room.
  2. Restart IQ Bot services.
  3. Register IQ Bot again with the Enterprise Control Room.

If you try to process a PDF document with pdfboxOCR enabled, the SIRs are not placed correctly on the check boxes.

Workaround: Disable the pdfboxOCR option when you create a learning instance.

In the Validator, if a field label overlaps with a check box SIR, then the check box SIR cannot be selected.

Workaround: Draw on top of the check box SIR instead of selecting the identified SIR field.

(Service Cloud case ID: 00634155) If the IQBA file size is more than 2 GB or if your learning instances contains more than 200 groups of 10 MB each, the migration might fail.

Workaround: See Migration of learning instance is not getting completed if the IQBA is more than 2GB (A-People login required).