IQ Bot 11.x: Use cases and examples

These are some use cases the Designer script feature supports.

For examples of user scripts and use cases, see: IQ Bot custom logic use cases and examples

Following are some use cases:
  • Query an extracted value vs. a database in an ERP system to validate values.
  • Extract "0123456" from "PO 0123456".
  • Remove table rows that contain "Page x of y".
  • Extract the currency from one table field (for example: Item Total) and save in an empty table field.
  • Extract the product number from a table field (for example: Item Description).
  • Extract the zip code from an address.
  • Query a REST service (for example: add NLP, retrieve data from an outside system, and so on).
  • Return a Boolean yes/no value on whether handwriting exists for a field.