Version Release Notes for IQ Bot

This topic for IQ Bot Version describes fixed features.

Note: IQ Bot Version is a full release that also has new, changed, and fixed features from IQ Bot Version 11.3.3 General Availability release. See: Version 11.3.3 Release Notes for IQ Bot.

New Features

There are no new features listed for IQ Bot in this version.

Changed Features

The installation process for upgrading to IQ Bot Version in the custom mode requires some specific steps. Follow the installation checklist provided in the installer zip file. See Upgrading IQ Bot to Version 11.3.3.x.

Fixed Features

The following fixed features are listed for IQ Bot in this version.

IQ Bot Version Fixed Features
Service Cloud ticket number Description
14380 IQ Bot installer runs without any interruption, as the issue that ocurred during the installation of Python dependencies has been resolved. The required Python packages are now provided with the intstaller.
- - The installation continues despite inconsistent data, which is logged in the installer-helper.log file.
14445 Users are able to access IQ Bot without any HTTP 431 error message.

Deprecated Features

There are no deprecated features listed for IQ Bot in this version.

Known Limitations

(Service Cloud case ID: 00533813, 00564190, 00572649)

When you upload vector PDF documents to a new learning instance, a few documents are identified as unclassified. Alternatively, if you convert the documents from PDF to TIFF and upload them, the documents are processed successfully.