Design panel

The Designer opens with auto-mapped fields and table columns, and lets you edit the existing mapping by adding new fields and tables. The left panel also displays the Field Listing Header showing the name, format, and requirement.

  1. Click a field in the left panel, to display the selected field and its value in the middle panel. In the middle panel, completed field mapping is identified with a green check icon at the top of the panel.
  2. Using the draw icon, select/reselect the appropriate value with System Identified Regions (SIR) in the document, which is represented by a blue-box text segment in the right panel of the document itself .
    Note: The blue-box text segment has boundary handles allowing resize of selected areas in the document.
  3. Next, create a design for a bot by adding and defining columns and tables you want to extract the data from.
Note: The extent of auto mapping depends on text segmentation and optical character recognition (OCR) quality of the fields and also the depth of taxonomy related to the underlying domain for that learning instance. Additionally, it also depends on the algorithm's decision-making logic.