Installing IQ Bot

This is the landing page for the collection of topics related to IQ Bot installation. For details on the installation types and methods, see the topics below to install Automation Anywhere IQ Bot.

IQ Bot installation core tasks

Follow the installation task list to install IQ Bot:
Step 1: Pre-installation
Review and verify the requirements and options before installing IQ Bot. This topic provides you important information about the supported operating systems, hardware and software requirements, and the prerequisite steps you have to complete even before you begin the installation process.
IQ Bot 11.x: IQ Bot installation prerequisites
Verify the hardware, software, and configuration required to install IQ Bot in your environment. Follow the pre-installation checklist before installing IQ Bot.
Step 2: IQ Bot installation
Install IQ Bot using any of the following installation options:
IQ Bot 11.x: Installing IQ Bot in Express mode
Install IQ Bot in Express mode with the default settings.
IQ Bot Custom installation
Use Custom mode to install IQ Bot with configuration details.
IQ Bot 11.x: Installing IQ Bot in Cluster mode
Install IQ Bot in Cluster mode for improved throughput.
IQ Bot 11.x: Installing IQ Bot in Cluster mode on machines with IQ Bot preinstalled
If you have IQ Bot already installed on your machine, uninstall IQ Bot, stop RabbitMQ service, and clean the existing RabbitMQ v3.8.18 cookies before installing IQ Bot in Cluster mode.
IQ Bot 11.x: Installing IQ Bot in Cluster mode on Amazon EC2
Install IQ Bot in the cluster mode on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).
Step 3: Post installation
After downloading IQ Bot, register with the Control Room and do the various configurations as required. You would also go through the checklist to ensure all services, databases, tables, and configuration settings are in place.
IQ Bot post installation configuration
After installing IQ Bot complete the configuration settings to ensure registration with Control Room, confirm the creation of all required databases, create the appropriate certificates, configure the HTTP and HTTPS settings, generate the authorization token for performing any task, and verify the completion of all tasks in the post-installation checklist.
Step 4: Validation
Create and register IQ Bot specific users in the Control Room, and do other validation actions as required.
IQ Bot post installation validation
After installing IQ Bot and completing the post-installation tasks, validate the installation by creating IQ Bot specific roles, accessing the Validator without a license, accessing the product without a device license, and understanding permissions for role-based access control to the learning instances.
IQ Bot upgrade and uninstallation
Follow the upgrade and uninstallation steps for IQ Bot to ensure a smooth and seamless process.