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RPA Bots for Salesforce 3.4 Release Notes

  • Mis à jour le : 2021/07/19
    • Automation 360 v.x
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RPA Bots for Salesforce 3.4 Release Notes

Supported Automation Anywhere Enterprise versions

Supported for Automation 360 Cloud deployment and On-Premises.

The RPA Bots for Salesforce solution in the Automation Anywhere platform enables users to run bots for routine business processes from any Salesforce Cloud record page.

New features

Changed features
Custom Objects can be mapped during Bot configurations

Bot configurations can now map inputs and outputs to Custom Salesforce Objects. During mapping selection steps, Custom and Standard Objects are visibly listed in the drop-down menus for data to be retrieved from or updated to the Object by the assigned bot. Previously, mapping was restricted to Standard Salesforce Objects.

Updates to Home page
The appearance of the Home page has changed slightly to accommodate additional panels that include access to new features and helpful information.
  • Tile to new Monitoring Dashboard feature

    Quickly access the Monitoring Dashboard through the Home page for analytics and trends of bot deployment.

  • Essential information panel

    The Home page now presents a snapshot of License and bot details. The number of bot configurations allowed under your license and average of bots run in the current month are detailed in this panel.

  • Upgrade to Premium Link

    For users who would like to upgrade the number of bot configurations available for use, this link is available for an easy way to contact sales.

Known limitations

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