IQ Bot 11.x: Use list validation to improve accuracy of a text field

Setting validations while defining any field or table column while mapping the document class helps validate a field or table column against predefined parameters so that you can be warned if any mismatch is found during the data digitization process.

Enter each text value in a separate line.
  • The bot validates extracted value of field/table column against this predefined list and checks for any mismatch found during the See Extraction Results phase.
  • Besides validating, the process also helps auto correct the extracted values.
  • Errors in validation are marked with a red border and can be seen in the See Extraction Results phase. Move your cursor over the error to know the error type.
If list validation value is Adam, and the extracted value is Adem; the extracted value will be auto corrected to Adam. In this example, there is a 75% match of characters; and threshold for match is at least 66%.