Validate document with errors

The Validator window appears with data requiring validation marked in red color fonts and boxes.

To validate a document with errors do the following:
  1. Click the Tab button or click the mouse on the field that requires validation (marked in red). The associated field value of the document is highlighted so that it is visible and focused.
  2. Validate the fields by entering the correct information.

When you try to save a document without validating all the errors in the document, an error message appears.

Do the following during validation:
  • Add or delete a table row: To insert or delete rows while validating a document, hover over the ellipses to show the icons for adding or deleting table rows.
  • Skip to next file: If you want to skip a file without correcting its errors, click the Skip to next file option at the bottom of the validator window.
  • Validation queue: See all information about the validation queue in the validator screen as a subtitle.