Choose training document for a group

During document training, look at unique document layouts available in a group, and choose a different document than the default one chosen by IQ Bot Designer, that is more representative of documents across that group. That helps maximize straight-through processing (STP).

Follow the steps to choose a different document from a document group.


  1. User can see the View each Group 'x' document button in the Designer training page next to the document name.
    The View each Group 'x' document button is disabled if there is a single document in the group.
  2. Click the View each Group 'x' document button to display the previous and next arrows that will let you move to another document. You can also cancel out of the task.
    Choosing a different document as the group's training document will clear all mapping from the previous document. IQ Bot displays a warning message stating the same.
  3. Select a new document and click the Change the training document button to see a message confirmation stating: If you change the training document for this group, any mapping from the previously trained document will be lost. Do you want to change the training document for <group name> to <document name>?
  4. Choosing No, cancel takes you back to the Designer, whereas confirming the message Yes, change loads and launches the new document with auto-mapped fields.
  5. Click See extraction results to view extracted data from the new document.