Validator window

The Validator window helps validate the uploaded and processed documents for a learning instance.

To open the Validator user interface, navigate to http://<IQ Bot installation path>/ > Learning Instances and click the Launch validator icon on your Web browser.

Note: Only users with an assigned Validator role using Control Room can view the Validation page.

Launch the validator window

Launch the Validator window from the Learning Instances page in any of the following ways:
  • Click the Launch validator icon for a learning instance.
  • Click the Validate button from the Summary or Document Groups tab.

The Validator launches displaying the first file from the validation list.

Note: The user sees an empty page and a message saying: There are no documents available for validation, you will be redirected to the learning instance page, in the following scenarios:
  • If no files are available in the validation queue.
  • If a file does not exist in the validation queue.
  • If another user is working on the remaining file in the validation queue.