Process fixed format documents in production

For fixed format document domains, IQ Bot uses the custom extraction service to process the documents and output the extracted result to a success folder.


Create a learning instance using a fixed format document domain set the instance to production. Launch Enterprise Client.

Using the IQ Bot lite command in Enterprise Client, upload documents to IQ Bot so it can process the documents.


  1. In Enterprise Client, open the IQ Bot Upload command. User can see the learning instances in IQ Bot in the drop-down list.
  2. Provide a File Path to upload documents and choose Save.
  3. Once the upload is complete, IQ Bot queues the documents to the custom extraction service for execution.
  4. User can see the document upload status in the log file that includes details such as, number of documents uploaded, number of documents in the processing queue, errors, and so on.
  5. Save the Upload command, and choose Run.
    The custom extraction service extracts the data from the documents and sends it to a CSV file.
  6. Open and run the Download command.
  7. Navigate to Output > learning instance name > Success folder to see the processed document in the CSV format.