IQ Bot 11.x: Add multiple tables in Designer

Add multiple tables in the Designer simultaneously.

Add multiple tables in the Designer to extract their value and validate them. Move one or more table fields from one table to another to train extraction. To add tables do the following:


  1. Navigate to Learning Instance > Start Training > Designer window.
  2. Click the Add Table link.
  3. Select the columns to add from the Available columns list and click the arrow to add to the new table column list.
  4. Map the field label or value, for example, column header, and specify the footer. This action provides the bot with a header and footer parameter and informs it to extract the value from the rows in.Use the Draw icon or select a blue box text segment on the document for a field label/field value.
  5. Click Save and close.
  6. To delete a table, click the Delete Table option.
    When a field that is used as a reference column is removed from a table, the system reassigns the first field of that table as a reference column.

Next steps

After you finish adding/removing tables and mapping field labels for the columns, choose from the following options:
  • Click Next group, to move to the next document group in the queue.
  • Click Save and close to return to the learning instance.