Databases created during IQ Bot installation

Learn which databases and tables are created after installing IQ Bot.

Log into the database using the <dbusername> and <dbpasswd> to verify the names of the databases and tables using <hostname>, <dbusername>, and <dbpasswd>.

The system creates the following databases:

  • AliasData: This is the master database to store data about different aliases related to a field in the system for different document types. This database also has the information about the languages and different document types supported by IQ Bot.
  • ClassifierData: This database has the data related to the classification output for both layout and content classification.
  • Configurations: This database stores data about the configurations used when installing IQ Bot, for example, Control Room URL, output path, and so on.
  • FileManager: This database stores data related to learning instances and the files uploaded related to learning instances and vision bots.
  • MLData: This database stores the training data used by the Machine Learning (ML) system in IQ Bot.