Using Migration Utility to import and export learning instances

Use the IQ Bot Migration Utility feature to export and import a learning instance between different IQ Bot installations to avoid recreating the learning instances.

Document groups, bots, and all learning associated with a learning instance are exported. Training documents used to train the bots during staging also get exported. However, the production documents do not get exported.
  • Export learning instances to create a backup.
  • Back up your database before importing learning instances.
  • Select the right import option to avoid losing information.
  • If migration is related to a learning instance created using custom domains, contact Automation Anywhere Enterprise support.
  • Ensure that the source and destination systems are running the same IQ Bot version. Learning instances from differentIQ Bot versions cannot be imported because their database schema will not match.

If you have IQ Bot administrator rights, go to IQ Bot > Administrator > Migration. The Migration Utility page displays a list of all available learning instances.