IQ Bot 11.x: Form fields

Add scripts in Designer for form fields.

The List validation via external file can be implemented as a part of the field custom logic using python scripts directly in the Designer.


  1. In the IQ Bot Designer, left-hand panel, highlight a form field whose extraction/validation you aim to improve further.
  2. In the middle panel, scroll down to Field options > Logic.
  3. In that Logic section, toggle between fullscreen and smallscreen for ease of use.
  4. Add code to modifyIQ Bot's extracted text value. See example below:
    # variable that stores the value: field_value
    # import the Python regular expression library, re
    import re
    # call the regular expression library's method, findall, to extract the date value only
    field_value = re.findall(r'\d{2}-\d{2}-\d{4}', field_value)[0]
  5. Select Test Run to test your script and see the results before vs. after.
    value_before: 2018/11/09 B210
    value_after:  2018/11/09