Multi line segmentation for data extraction

In the Designer, re-size/draw a region consisting of a group of system identified regions (SIRs). The re-sized/draw boxes extract data only from the enclosed SIRs. Additionally, you can also extract text from an entire region by selecting it.

IQ Bot offers multi line segmentation for data extraction. For example, there can be segmentation for patient name, member ID, date of birth, provider name, and gender. All of this information can be contained within a bigger segment box. The Designer can extract data from text segments enclosed within bigger text segments. The blue text segments display in the Designer, Validator, and in Preview (See extraction results views). The blue text segment boxes that enclose or are enclosed by other text segment boxes help extract data from any of these segments.

For text segments Y and Z enclosed within the main text segment X, when you select/draw around the text segment X, the Designer extracts data enclosed in the text segment X, which would comprise of data in Y and Z.

Select/draw around a text segment Y (that is enclosed by text segment Z) to extract text from text segment Y.

Resizing the X text segment to exclude the Y text segment will extract data from text segment Z only.

When mapping a text segment box X that encloses other segment boxes Y and Z, IQ Bot provides the best guess and auto maps the corresponding value of text segment box X.