IQ Bot Validation queue

Validation eliminates the complexity of validating and fixing issues with the bot, requires less time to fix the issues, and requires minimal human intervention.

IQ Bot processes a document before it can be viewed in the Validator, and flags field errors in that document. The user corrects the flagged fields and/or verifies the unflagged fields in the Validator.

After the updated document is fixed and saved, it does not count as straight-through processing (STP) but still moves to the successful queue where it can be picked up by an upstream automation task. This is the IQ Bot Validation queue.

Documents that fail automated processing rules or have field values failing because of low optical character recognition (OCR) confidence are pushed into a folder to be reviewed and fixed manually. Manual review is time-consuming and complex because it requires navigating to the correct folder and scripting knowledge (done in a CSV file) to fix the document.

Note: To learn more about how field-level OCR confidence can be used to improve the quality of STP output, see IQ Bot 11.x: Improve output quality using OCR confidence.