Access IQ Bot without a Bot Creator or Bot Runner device license

Log in and operate IQ Bot without a device license (Bot Creator or Bot Runner) in Automation Anywhere Control Room. However, using the IQ Bot command in the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client requires the appropriate device license identified in the table.

The following table summarizes the roles and associated UI views allowed for each role, with/without an assigned device license. To view or assign device license, go to the Automation Anywhere Control Room and navigate to Administration > Users > Allocate a device license to this user?.

User Device license UI view in IQ Bot Portal Comments
Multi/single users:
  • AAE_IQ Bot Admin
  • AAE_IQ Bot Service
  • AAE_IQ Bot Validator
None Role-specific view Can access IQ Bot
Users with both roles:
  • AAE_IQ Bot Admin
  • AAE_Basic
None Admin view Can access IQ Bot
AAE_Basic None None Cannot access IQ Bot. An error message appears with a link to the Control Room.
AAE_IQ Bot Service None Services Can access IQ Bot but unable to access the Enterprise Client. Therefore, Production documents in the Enterprise Client using the IQ Bot lite command are unable to upload.
AAE_IQ Bot Service Bot Creator Services Can access IQ Bot Portal and Enterprise Client. In the Enterprise Client, to upload production documents, navigate to the New > Workbench > Command tab.
AAE_IQ Bot Service Bot Runner Services Can access the IQ Bot Portal and Enterprise Client. In the Enterprise Client, select a task and run it. User cannot create/edit a bot.

For more information go to Automation 360 platform, and see Licenses - an overview