Using Upload Document action

The Upload Document action enables you to upload a document with IQ Bot. IQ Bot extracts fields from the document and exports them to CSV files.


  • Gain access to an Control Room.
  • Ensure your local host is a registered device in the Control Room.
Use the Upload Document action to upload a single document to the Control Room.
Note: Azure confidential computing enables organizations to upload encrypted data to secured storage, such as private folders on a virtual machine. If you upload documents from such secured folders to IQ Bot, these are moved to Unclassified status as data extraction is not supported for such documents.


Follow these steps to upload a document:

  1. In the Actions palette, double-click or drag the Upload Document action from the IQ Bot package.
    Note: A file size of 50 MB is supported for the upload action.
    Note: The file names of the documents that you upload should not start with special characters, such as the hyphen (-).
  2. In the Learning instance name field, select the name.
  3. In the File path field, specify the location or type of the file.
  4. Optional: In the Group Label field, provide the string variable that holds the name of the folder containing the sorted documents.
    This is necessary for defining a user-created document group. .
  5. Optional: In the Save the response to variable field, add a variable. For example: select prompt-assignment - string from the drop-down list.
    A variable value in this field provides information about the file upload process: if the upload was successful or failed, and the reason for the failure.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Run now.
  9. Click Close.

Next steps

To upload multiple files, see Upload multiple files to IQ Bot using Loop action.