Using Download all documents action

Use the Download all documents action to download the extracted results from an IQ Bot server that were created by running a Bot with the Upload Document action.

IQ Bot extracts fields from documents and exports them as CSV files. This action can also download any unclassified, untrained, and invalid documents to your local directory.


Follow these steps to download extracted results from the IQ Bot server:

  1. In the Actions palette, double-click or drag the Download all documents action from the IQ Bot package.
  2. In the Learning instance name field, select the name.
  3. In the Document status, select the appropriate status for the documents.
    • Success: Documents have been processed and are in .csv format.
    • Invalid: Documents were marked as invalid during the validation process.
    • Unclassified: Documents could not be classified into any groups.
    • Untrained: Documents were classified into new groups during processing and require training.
    • Fail: Documents that failed to process and require re-processing. A document reflects Document status as Fail if an exception occurs during data extraction, validation, or storing of the final output to the database.
    Unprocessed documents in Invalid, Unclassified, Untrained and Fail folders are available in their original format. For example, if your input documents were in a .pdf format, the output in the above folders are obtained in the .pdf format as well.
    Note: After you upload a document by using the Upload action, to retrieve the latest results from the server, you need to run the Download action periodically. Ensure to maintain a delay of 30 seconds to 1 minute between the execution of two consecutive IQ Bot Download action of the same nature.
  4. In the Local output folder field, provide the path to the file that will hold the output.
  5. In the Delete files from the server after downloading check box, select the option to delete documents.
    When you choose this option, even if your download fails, a compressed .zip file containing the failed documents is available for downloading again. Therefore, you must select this option.
  6. Optional: In the Save the response to a variable field, add a variable. For example, select prompt-assignment - string from the drop-down list.
    A variable value in this field provides information on whether the download was successful or failed, and the reason for the failure.
  7. Click Update.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click Run now.
  10. Click Close.
    Note: If the download fails, verify the variable value using a Message Box or Log to File action. See the Save the response to a variable description.
  11. Navigate to the local output folder to review the downloaded files.