Creating a learning instance in Community Edition

IQ Bot leverages machine learning for continuous enhancement through user training. Let's begin by creating a learning instance.

A learning instance defines the type of document you need to process, the language of documents, and a list of data fields you want captured from each document.
Note: Use documents in various formats such as: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and PDF, to train your learning instance.


  1. On the IQ Bot Home page, click the Get started button to display the Create new learning instance page.
  2. Define a name for the new learning instance. The description field is optional.
  3. Select the domain or the document type, and the language from the drop-down list.
  4. To create a custom domain, select Document type > Others. See Custom domain for details.
  5. Click the Browse button and upload documents for training.
  6. Download and use the sample documents as well. To use the sample documents, click the Download sample documents button, unzip the folder, and save the sample files to your local drive. Then click the Browse button and upload documents to train.
  7. In the Fields to extract section, select fields from where the data needs to be extracted. For additional fields, expand the Additional form fields section and select additional fields.
  8. Select common table fields and additional table fields, as required.
  9. Next, click the Create Learning Instance button.
  10. The system analyzes and sorts the training documents into logical groups based on field identification.

Next steps

Next, train the documents, and review field mappings.