Prevent automatic copying of documents to Staging

Prevent automatic copying of production documents to the Staging environment to keep training and production data separate and also meet information security compliance requirements.

Prevent automatic copying of production documents to Staging as follows:


  1. Open the Settings.txt file from the %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%/Automation Anywhere IQ Bot 6.0/Configurations folder.
  2. Assign the False property to the CopyProductionFiles .
  3. From the service console, restart the Automation Anywhere Cognitive File Manager service.
  4. Click any Create Bot link to open the IQ Bot Designer to view the following message:There are no training documents available for this Bot. Upload some training documents for the associated learning instance and try again.
After making this change, to train bots for the groups created in Production for this learning instance, manually upload sample documents to Staging (resembling the Production documents).