Upgrading system from IQ Bot Version 5.3.x or IQ Bot 6.0.x to Version 6.5

Find out how to upgrade your system from IQ Bot Version 6.0.x to Version 6.5.


For IQ Bot Version 6.5
  • If your machine version is older than SQL Server Native Client 2012, a dialog box appears, giving you the option to upgrade. Open services.msc and stop SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER). Then complete the installation process.
  • During the upgrade, the installer detects if you have existing learning instances from a prior version of IQ Bot. Select that prior version of IQ Bot from a drop-down list to keep the classifier version for the existing learning instances.
  • For any new learning instances created after installation, the classifier version of IQ Bot Version 5.3.1/Version 6.5 is used.
  • When upgrading from IQ Bot Version 5.3.1.x, if you have learning instance that relies on 5.3.1.x check box or linked table functionality, clear the validation queue before upgrading to IQ Bot Version 6.5.
  • If you have customized the settings or configurations of certain files in the database, then you must create a backup of these files before upgrading to another version of IQ Bot.
For IQ Bot Version 6.5 Beta
  • If you have a prior version of IQ Bot in a current environment, install and use IQ Bot Version 6.5 in a fresh development environment, rather than uninstalling your prior version in your current environment.
  • If you have multiple tables in a bot in IQ Bot Version 5.3.1, after upgrade, multiple tables migrate, but as one consolidated table in that bot of IQ Bot Version 6.5.
If you still prefer to upgrade, follow these steps:
  • Keep a valid PFX format certificate handy for HTTPS.

  • Before upgrading from IQ Bot Version 6.0.x to Version 6.5, take a backup of the database. If any encryption issues occur after upgrading IQ Bot, you can restore your system using this backup.

Perform these steps on a machine with IQ Bot 6.0.x installed.

After upgrading from previous IQ Bot version, for example, from 5.3.0 to the current version, if you are using an existing Task Bot to read the output CSVs, change the encoding in the Read from CSV command to UTF-8. The output format has been updated to enable RPA task to read UTF-8 characters starting from IQ Bot 5.3.0 and later.

If you configure IQ Bot with load balancer, ensure you are logged onto the Automation Anywhere cognitive projects service as an administrator to enable access to all nodes for migration utility.


  1. Uninstall your current IQ Bot version from Add remove programs in the Control Room.
  2. Ensure the correct versions of Control Room (Version 11.3.1 base + either Version patch or Version patch) and Enterprise Client are installed, and not the 10.x versions.
  3. Uninstall RabbitMQ and Erlang.
  4. Next, install IQ Bot Version 6.5 in custom mode.
  5. Change the load balancer port from 8100 to 3000. The default port number is selected from the previous screen.
    If you have installed an external load balancer, change the port number.
  6. Complete the installation by retaining the rest of the settings, as they get auto populated during installation.
    Your migration is now complete.

Next steps

You can launch IQ Bot.