Create learning instance using fixed format documents

Import the relevant domain file for the fixed format document.


  1. Navigate to the LEARNING INSTANCE tab.
  2. On the Create new learning instance page, click the Document type drop-down list to see all imported domains available for selection. The fixed format documents domains that were imported are also visible.
  3. Select a fixed format documents domain from the list. Selecting a fixed format documents domain modifies the actions/fields/buttons in the Create new learning instance page as follows:
    1. The Classify and Train icons get removed from the page.
    2. The Upload documents field gets replaced with a note mentioning that fixed format documents domains are pre trained and uploading training documents is not required.
    3. The custom field selection is not available.
    4. By default, all fields are selected. User has an option to Clear All Fields/Select All Fields.
      The Create fixed format documents instance button is enabled when at least one field is checked.
    5. The user sees the assigned language for the domain (under the primary language).
  4. After selecting a fixed format documents domain and the relevant fields, click the Create fixed format documents instance button. The system takes the user back to the Learning instance list page showing a list of learning instances. User gets a confirmation that the learning instance was created successfully.
  5. In the Bot tab, user can see the created bot in production status.
  6. User cannot edit the Description or move the bot status to staging. The system always displays the bot with Group 0, which is specific to fixed format documents only.
  7. Next, navigate to the Learning instances tab and click the View details icon to see the Document Groups and Summary tab details.
  8. User can edit the learning instance, but is limited to updating/adding the description, or selecting more fields only, if there were any unselected ones during the learning instance creation.
    You cannot add custom fields to the learning instance.
    Note: Added/updated description is visible on the Learning instance details page.
  9. Next, set the learning instance to production.
    User has successfully created a learning instance using a fixed format documents domain and has set it to production.

Next steps

Log in to Enterprise Client to upload documents and run the bot the user created.