Staging environment

The learning instance workflow consists of the Staging and Production environments. Staging is a training, testing, and validation environment for hands-on experience with the IQ Bot workflow on documents that represent the larger volume of documents to process in production.

Use Staging to train, test, and improve the accuracy of a learning instance and its bots before deployment to the Production environment.
Note: Data from the Staging environment does not appear in the Production environment.
The primary purpose of the staging environment is as follows:
  • Provide an overview and give you the opportunity to review and correct the extracted data before sending the bots to production
  • Provide reporting data for the Staging environment so it does not interfere with reporting data in the Production environment.
Do the following tasks in the Staging environment:
  • Upload sample documents.
  • Classify or digitize the sample documents.
  • Create or train bots to extract data.
  • Preview to verify extraction or make manual corrections.
  • Save and set the bots to production.