Production environment

The learning instance workflow consists of the Staging and Production environments. This is a live environment where a learning instance is set into operation with actual business documents uploaded from a bot.

The learning instance uses the bots created in the Staging environment and executes on actual business documents uploaded against it from a Task Bot.

The primary purpose of the Production environment is as follows:
  • Run the bot on uploaded business documents to extract relevant data, thereby automating the business process.
  • Do the following tasks in the Production environment:
    • Collect the processed documents that IQ Bot processes, which can result in end-to-end, or unclassified processing.
    • Validate the documents marked for review and export the output to a CSV file for manual review.
    • Do manual review and correction of the extracted data and submit back to IQ Bot.
    • Mark incorrect documents as invalid.
    • Collect and download the invalid documents.