Map repeated tables and sections

This topic explains how to map repeated section labels and values.

Follow the steps to map repeated section labels and values:

  1. Create a learning instance with an attached document in the domain of your choice and add additional fields that you need. For example, create an instance in the Invoice domain and add Patient name, Date of service, Net amount, and Billed amount.
  2. Open the Designer/Training page.
  3. Select a repeated section.
  4. For a selected system identified region (SIR), select the type from the Type drop-down menu.
  5. Map the repeated section value separately by clicking the Draw icon next to the Value field and draw a rectangle around the value. The value is auto detected in the validation pane. Map the repeated section Label field by manual entry or selecting the label in the document view. Verify the extracted value in the middle validation panel.
    Note: If a mapped field has multiple SIRs, select any one of the SIR and add the whole key words in the label field. For example, if you have two SIRs, "Invoice" and "Number", then add the whole key words "Invoice Number" in the label field.
  6. Click Save and close.
    Note: When you accept and map the automatically detected value region for a field, the value stays floating relative of the field. Sometimes, in a different document type, even if the value of the field appears in another location, it will be detected.