Version 6.5 Release Notes

These release notes contain changed features, fixed features, and security fixes introduced in IQ Bot Version 6.5.x.

New features

Extraction/Validation features
  • Select document classifier version:

    During upgrade, the installer detects if you have existing learning instances from a prior version of IQ Bot. Select that prior version of IQ Bot from a drop-down list to keep the document classifier version for the existing learning instances.

    See Keep learning instance document classifier version during IQ Bot upgrade.

  • Select between optical character recognition (OCR) engines:

    Select between Tesseract4 or ABBYY FineReader Engine FineReader Engine v12.2 as IQ Bot's OCR engine for each new learning instance, and still continue to leverage IQ Bot's native document classification, autocorrection, and extraction capabilities. IQ Bot installation now automatically installs ABBYY FineReader Engine FineReader Engine v12.2, and with an open runtime license. This means that the license is pre-activated, and can be on as many IQ Bot servers you run, and works with or without terminal server.

  • Expanded language support:

    Access text segmentation and OCR support for 190 languages including: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Korean

    See IQ Bot 11.x: List of languages in IQ Bot.

Enterprise features
  • Access IQ Bot without device license ( without a Bot Creator or Bot Runner license):

    Log in to IQ Bot without an assigned device license in the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Control Room. The roles are custom or defined by the system. The user view of the UI depends on the assigned role.

    See Access IQ Bot without a Bot Creator or Bot Runner device license.

  • Access IQ Bot Validator without a Bot Creator or Bot Runner license:

    Log in to IQ Bot with a Validator role (defined in Control Room) without a Bot Creator or Bot Runner license. This function supports and permits an unlimited number of Validators in IQ Bot simultaneously.

    See Access IQ Bot Validator without a license.

  • Internationalization and localization:
    At log in, select from a drop-down list of eight languages, that shows the IQ Bot UI in the selected language. Choose from the following languages:
    • English
    • Chinese Simplified
    • Chinese Traditional
    • French
    • German
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Spanish
    Note: Any part of IQ Bot UI that is linked to the database appears only in English. Language support for these is upcoming in a future release.
  • Database encryption:
    IQ Bot document data stored in database tables and columns are encrypted for security of potentially sensitive information. This does not yet apply to field value data that humans manually correct in the IQ Bot validation queue. Database encryption occurs during the following tasks:
    • Fresh install of IQ Bot
    • Migration of a learning instance
    • Upgrade of IQ Bot
    See IQ Bot database encryption.
    Note: All APIs that use this data work as before.
  • Role-Based Access Control for new learning instances:

    Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is configured through the Control Room, which enables or restricts access to the IQ Bot learning instances, related features, and functionality that are based on permissions defined in the user role. Create and assign custom roles to users. Without permissions for the custom role, users get an error message when trying to log in to the system.

    See Define access to learning instances using custom roles.

  • Audit logs for IQ Bot:

    The administrator sees action logs for all IQ Bot users in the Audit Logs tab of the Control Room. Successful and unsuccessful actions are logged with reasons for failure logs.

    See IQ Bot audit log in Control Room.

  • Windows authentication:

    The IQ Bot platform administrator is able to enable Windows authentication, during IQ Bot platform installation, to connect SQL databases with Windows or dual authentication.

    See IQ Bot Microsoft Windows authentication.

  • Microsoft Azure SQL database service Platform as a Service (PaaS):

    The IQ Bot platform administrator can enable Microsoft Azure SQL database service during IQ Bot platform installation to use the SQL database services.

  • Counter for number of pages uploaded:

    In the IQ Bot UI, users can now view the number of pages uploaded in production to manually compare with their license limit. Automatic comparison with their license limit is forthcoming in a future release.

Changed features

The following features were migrated from IQ Bot Version 5.3.1.x to Version 6.5:

Extraction/validation features
  • Production field value autocorrection:

    Fix field value errors in the IQ Bot Validator. As IQ Bot learns, it can autocorrect field value errors for which it reaches 90% confidence. If users upload additional documents in production, IQ Bot can autocorrect these errors, skip Validator, and count the documents as STP.

    See Use Machine Learning to fix extraction errors.

  • Check box extraction:

    When a user maps check boxes or radio buttons, IQ Bot's artificial intelligence (AI) returns a Yes/No/No check box found value for whether the check boxes have check marks. That applies to a single check box, group of check boxes, and repeated sections of check boxes.

    See Extract data from check box or check box groups.

  • Improved text segmentation:

    Improved text segmentation, such as, grouping and separation of related or unrelated text, provides more accurate results to support OCR, document classification, and data extraction.

    For example, the improvement helped increase STP (percent of documents processed successfully without human intervention) by 9% on a sample dataset of 4,300 documents. The example increase is based on comparing IQ Bot Version 6.5 with IQ Bot Version 6.0.1 on that sample dataset, and was replicated for IQ Bot Version 6.5 versus IQ Bot Version 5.3.0.

    See Text segment.

  • Map table columns without mapping table headers:

    In the IQ Bot Designer, map only one column header per table. If other column headers in the table do not exist or have low quality text, users can map these columns without headers to extract the column data.

  • Repeated table/section extraction:

    In the IQ Bot Designer, for a specific document with repeated tables/sections, users only have to map the first table or section. Automatic extraction occurs for the repeated tables or sections with similar structure or content in the remainder of the document. That automation can continue to production documents.

    See Map repeated tables and sections.

  • Link tables/sections:

    In the IQ Bot Designer, select one or more fields to link tables or sections. For example, link health insurance claims data to services data.

    That linking automatically continues to production documents, facilitating and eventually merging these tables or sections in RPA.

  • Choose a different training document for a group:

    During document training, a user can look at unique document layouts available in a group, and choose a different document from the default one chosen by IQ Bot Designer, that is more representative of documents across that group.

    See Choose training document for a group.

  • IQ Bot Designer and Validator formula validation:

    Use formulas for selected fields to flag whether the formulas catch errors. For example, sum of column item totals equals Invoice Total.

    See IQ Bot 11.x: Formulas.

  • Formula validation migrates during upgrade from Version 5.3.x to 6.5.x:

    When upgrading from IQ Bot Version 5.3.x to 6.5.x, the formula validation also migrates, and this prevent the task of re-adding the formula validation manually.

Ease-of-use features
  • Resize box around a text segment:

    In the Designer, resize a box around a mapped field value in any direction, without having to redraw or reselect a box. In the Designer, Validator, and Preview mode, (See Extraction Results), hover over any text segment to preview its OCR result.

    See Resize mapping area.

  • Preview OCR result for a text segment:

    In the Designer, Validator, and Preview mode, (See Extraction Results), hover over any text segment to preview its OCR result.

  • Delete mapping in the Designer:

    Delete mapping of field labels or field values, by selecting the X delete symbol next to the mapped label or value.

    See IQ Bot 11.x: Delete mapping in the Designer.

  • Use blue-bound box to populate text in End of table/section indicator:

    Select a blue-bounded box to populate the text value for the End of table/section indicator in the IQ Bot Designer.

    See Stop extraction at End of table/section indicator.

Fixed features
  • End of table/section indicator:

    Stop extraction at End of table/section indicator permits the end of table indicator to work in additional cases.

    See Stop extraction at End of table/section indicator.

  • Migration utility

    Option 1: triggers the functionality for Appends only new learning instance(s), if the learning instance ID in the .iqba file (for example, from development environment) differs from the ID in the target environment (for example, production environment). If a learning instance ID in the .iqba file is the same as an ID in the target environment, that .iqba learning instance is not appended.

    Option 2: triggers the functionality for Merges new groups and trainings (bots) in existing learning instance(s).

    See Using Migration Utility to import and export learning instances.

  • Numeric format autocorrection:

    For international languages, for example, French or German, if a numeric field has a comma misread as a period (100000.00), then an international number pattern (999,00) can autocorrect the values (100000,00).

    For the English language, if a numeric field has a period misread as a comma (100000,00), then an English number pattern (999.00) can autocorrect the values (100000.00).

Technical updates
  • Microsoft .NET framework updated from v4.6 to v4.7.2. The system prompts for a restart to complete the update.
  • SQL client updated from v11.0 to v2012. The system prompts for a restart to complete the update.
  • NodeJS updated from v6.10.2 to v10.15.0. Minimum requirement is v8.0.0.
  • JDBC driver updated from v4.2 to v7.2.

Known limitations

  • Import/export of learning instances from IQ Bot Version 6.5 Beta to Version 6.5 is not supported just as this is not supported for IQ Bot Version 5.2 to 5.3, and IQ Bot Version 6.0.1 to Version 6.5 and so on.

    See IQ Bot upgrade options, which includes migration workarounds.

  • When importing learning instances, the import option 3 (overwriting data) can create new groups unexpectedly. Use the other import options instead.

    See Import a learning instance.

  • Database encryption:
    • Performance and database size are impacted.
    • Encryption for learning instance export is not supported for IQ Bot Version 6.5.