Version 11.3.3 Release Notes for IQ Bot

This topic for IQ Bot Version 11.3.3 describes new capabilities, changed features, fixed features, security fixes, deprecated features, and known behavior or limitations.

Important: To better align the new release cycles for IQ Bot with the Control Room, the versioning convention has been streamlined to be in sync. IQ Bot version 6.6 has been renamed to IQ Bot Version 11.3.3.
Note: IQ Bot Version 11.3.3 is the first General Availability release that also has new, changed, and fixed features from IQ Bot Version 6.5.2 Limited Availability release. See: Version 6.5.2 Release Notes.

New Features

IQ Bot Version 11.3.3 New Features
Feature Description
Standard Forms Create learning instances that leverage custom extraction services to process complex, fixed-format forms (also known as standard forms) without requiring any training.

See Standard Forms for custom extraction.

Import standard form domains Import domains for standard form documents to use Standard Forms feature. These domains become available for use from the drop-down list, when creating a learning instance.

See Import domains for fixed format documents.

Internet Explorer 11 support IQ Bot Version 11.3.3 now supports Internet Explorer 11.
Important: When using Internet Explorer11, you might need to Display intranet sites in Compatible View in the Compatibility View Settings window.
IQ Bot patch installer The IQ Bot patch installer simplifies the upgrade and downgrade process and supports modifying the affected files only. For minor changes you do not have to uninstall and reinstall the IQ Bot solution package.
Note: To revert to the original version, uninstall the patch.

Changed Features

IQ Bot Version 11.3.3 Changed Features
Feature Description
Check box data extraction enhancement The IQ Bot check box data extraction ML model has been retrained to capture more variations for check boxes.
RabbitMQ v3.8.18 and Erlang/OTP upgrade IQ Bot Version 11.3.3 has been updated with RabbitMQ v3.8.18 3.7.17 and Erlang/OTP 22.0.
Note: IQ Bot Version 11.3.3 is also backward compatible with the earlier versions of RabbitMQ v3.8.18. See IQ Bot 11.x: RabbitMQ v3.8.18 and Erlang/OTP upgrade.
Migrate learning instances as other learning instances are being edited An administrative user can now migrate learning instances, even while other learning instances are being edited.
Microsoft Azure Computer Vision OCR engine

This feature is now official, and no longer beta. IQ Bot has native support for Microsoft Azure Computer Vision OCR engine.

For example: It can help handwriting, driver licenses, and passport extraction.

Note: Internet connectivity is required.
Use custom logic (Python scripts) to improve extraction The custom logic feature is now part of the standard IQ Bot package from this release. There's no separate configuration required to enable the feature.

IQ Bot 11.x: Adding custom logic to improve automatic extraction in production

Fixed Features

IQ Bot Version 11.3.3 Fixed Features
Zendesk/Support ticket/Service Cloud Description
- CSS vulnerability is no longer found in Veracode scan.
Customer service: 431 Learning instances load faster than before.
Customer service: 13467 After you edit a learning instance with a large number of bots, clicking the Back to training button loads the Designer window.
- When you edit a learning instance in any group with a large number of bots, the See extraction results > Back to training action works faster than before.
- Uploading training files to a learning instance using API processes works as expected.
Customer service: 551 Multi-page document navigation and processing does not stop, but completes as expected.
Customer service: 13847 Classifier successfully processes learning instances even with more than 2100 groups.
Customer service: 534 When you click an empty validator field on a multi-page document in the webpages (Designer/See extraction results/Validator), the cursor now remains on the given page instead of jumping back to page 1.
Zendesk: 242261 In the Designer window, when you click the See extraction result button, the extracted results display faster than before.

Security fixes

There are no security fixes listed for this version.

Deprecated Features

There are no deprecated features for this version.

Known Limitations

Note: In addition to the known limitations in the table below, IQ Bot Version 11.3.3 General Availability release has the known limitations listed for IQ Bot Version 6.5.2 Limited Availability release.
See Version 6.5.2 Release Notes.
IQ Bot Version 11.3.3 Known Limitations
Zendesk/Support ticket/Service Cloud Description
Zendesk: 221115 In select use cases , with unexpected diagonal line marks on the page, document orientation displays incorrectly in the Validator.
- In production, during batch upload of files, sometimes an express-http-proxy error can occur due to which one or more files can be lost. The environment shows high-compute usage with database Microsoft Azure SQL service.
Zendesk: 240900 Importing a learning instance with an empty hashkey for layoutTrainSet fails.
Internet Explorer 11 When using Internet Explorer 11, icons disappear after a page refresh. A hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) helps fix the issue.
Customer service: 422 and 526

With ABBYY FineReader Engine in IQ Bot, the text segments / system identified regions (SIRs) for some documents get offset or are not generated, creating problems with mapping.

With ABBYY FineReader Engine, for some documents, the SIRs are not generated as expected.

- In production, the Validator is unable to make auto-suggestions for Japanese unicode, requiring a fix to a third party library.
Service Cloud: 00342272 Classifier worker keeps on creating duplicates of the number classifier executors, using more system resources (primarily CPU, and secondarily RAM) than necessary, that slows down IQ Bot.
Service Cloud: 00331297 Documents are stuck in processing without completing classification, and an error message is displayed.
Customer Service: 146 Optical character recognition (OCR) accuracy can impact light colored fonts.
- The red icon and red highlighted text boxes, indicating a validation error for a field, can disappear if the user clicks on the field but moves to a different field without making any corrections.
- The IQ Bot dashboard does not always show accurate metrics (for example, number of documents processed) for standard forms that get processed.
- During IQ Bot uninstall process, the Finish screen displays incorrect version information of the third party components.
Standard form documents in IQ Bot:
Learning instances, created with a domain for standard forms, cannot be exported/imported with IQ Bot.
- User is able to register IQ Bot in the Control Room with an incorrect URL.
- During the processing of IQ Bot extensions, the blue bounding boxes do not completely cover the extracted text.
- In the Validator, when correcting errors for a IQ Bot extensions document:
  • user is unable to see the highlighted value in the document.
  • on selecting a bounding box on the document, the value does not get extracted to the field text box.
- The Microsoft Azure Computer Vision OCR engine returns single characters for languages such as Japanese. That can lead to unclassified documents in IQ Bot, if domains or learning instances in IQ Bot rely on field names to be multi-character words instead of single characters.
- In the Validator, a user has to select the ML auto-suggested value twice to apply it to a field on that document.
- User could see a Windows Defender SmartScreen message about unrecognized app at the start of the IQ Bot installation process. To resolve the issue, see Windows unrecognized application message.
- While accessing the IQ Bot dashboard, a user with IQ Bot administrator role could get a 403 Forbidden Error message. To resolve this issue, ensure the user also has the AAE_BASIC role assigned in the Control Room.
- In Validator, the suggested value for a field does not get selected from the drop-down.
- When documents are getting classified, or a learning instance is in edit mode, the Export Status of that learning instance shows as available in Migration utility page.