IQ Bot 11.x: IQ Bot service configuration

In some IQ Bot deployments, the service account can be different from the login account. As an administrator, provide the service credentials during installation.

IQ Bot Installer supports service credentials during Microsoft Windows or SQL server authentication. When installing Services for IQ Bot, in the service installation window, the Local System Account check box is selected by default. You can deselect this and provide a username and password.
  • Use Windows authentication with a valid system administration user in service configuration.
  • Use Windows authentication with a local system for a system administration user.
  • When using a remote SQL server to create a database, the combination of local system account for service credentials and Windows authentication for SQL connection is not supported.
  • The service account used for IQ Bot services must have full rights to the IQ Bot installation folder.
If you do not select the Local System Account checkbox, provide your user credentials to run the IQ Bot Services.
  • A valid system administrator user requires Windows authentication with the Services user credentials.
  • When entering user credentials, ensure the credentials are associated with a domain. For example: User is unable to use this function without the domain.

See IQ Bot 11.x: Installing IQ Bot in Custom mode to view the use of service credentials in IQ Bot.