IQ Bot Version 11.3.5 Release Notes

Review the new features, changed features, fixed features, and known limitations in Version 11.3.5 for Automation Anywhere IQ Bot. There are no security fixes in this release.

New features

Select an OCR engine when creating a new learning instance

You can now select different OCR engines directly from the UI based on your requirements for data extraction from specific document types when creating a new learning instance. You do not have to stop and restart IQ Bot services for implementing the engine change.

A new OCR Engine column is available in the My learning instance page that shows the different OCR engines used to create each learning instance. You can use this information when deciding on document processing and to track the different OCR engines at a glance, after importing the learning instances.

IQ Bot 11.x: Selecting an OCR engine

Pre-installation check

The IQ Bot installer now checks for dependent software and required ports before starting the installation process. The installer displays any software that is running an incompatible version and dependent ports that are being used by other services.

The installer also provides you the option to run the pre-installation check again and continue the installation process.

IQ Bot 11.x: Installing IQ Bot in Express mode | IQ Bot Custom installation

(Beta) Enable data capture and OCR extraction for Asian languages using Tegaki API OCR engine

Use the Beta version of the Tegaki API OCR engine with IQ Bot to improve the accuracy of the OCR (optical character recognition) results for training documents in Asian languages, particularly in Japanese and Korean. Tegaki API files are installed on your machine automatically during IQ Bot installation. However, you have to use your private license keys to use this engine.

IQ Bot 11.x: Use Tegaki API OCR engine

Changed features

Enable or disable PDFBox option

You can enable or disable the My PDF documents do not have images check box directly in the UI when creating a learning instance. Previously, users had to configure the Settings.txt file.

IQ Bot 11.x: Disable PDFBox option

Use Google Vision API GA version

Besides providing better accuracy for Asian languages, Google Vision API can now be used for all languages supported by this OCR engine.

IQ Bot 11.x: Use Google Vision API OCR engine

Support for ABBYY FineReader Engine versions 12.2 and 12.3

When you install IQ Bot Version 11.3.5, ABBYY FineReader Engine version 12.3 is installed as the default version. However, the product supports all learning instances created using ABBYY FineReader Engine versions 12.2 and 12.3.

Use ABBYY FineReader Engine OCR engine in IQ Bot 11.x

Role-based access control (RBAC) enhancements

IQ Bot now allows more granular access control over various learning instance actions to different groups of users. Users can achieve this by allocating or deallocating custom roles to learning instances. A new permission Assign Roles is introduced in Control Room Version to enable this action.

Define access to learning instances using custom roles

Validator enhancements

Some of the Validator enhancements are as follows:

  • You can now hide the Skip to next file and Mark as Invalid options using configuration settings. The options are currently enabled by default.

    To enable the option to hide them, contact Automation Anywhere Support.

  • You can now hide the Hide successful fields and Hide optional fields options using configuration settings. The options are enabled by default.

    To enable the option to hide them, contact Automation Anywhere Support.

    Note: Selecting the Hide successful fields and Hide optional fields check boxes hides all the valid fields and reduces the display of a large number of fields, thus making correction easier. However, if there is an invalid field, it continues to be displayed because the invalid field requires correction.
  • Clicking in any column field expands the column width to accommodate the text entry. The Validator shows the value of the field that is being validated, in the document.
  • Draw an area around single or multiple values in the document image to automatically populate a field in the Validator. This function is similar to the Designer.

    Text segment

Fixed features

Service Cloud case ID Description
00474578 During the migration of learning instances between different environments, the group description for each learning instance is now carried over successfully, and users can easily identify the group details and document type in a specific classification group.
-- When a user changes permission for a specific role in the Control Room, the IQ Bot page is now automatically refreshed and implements the permission update.
00451917 If import with append for a modified learning instance fails, IQ Bot now shows an appropriate error message, and learning instance migration works as expected with the append option.
00440868 IQ Bot classifies documents as expected even when the aliasName length exceeds 75 characters.
A CSV file is now generated with the right content on the validation page for large documents.
00492446 Learning instances with 100 and more fields now load faster, so users can train or validate them without delay.
00481720 The Service account user password can now include special characters. The service account will not be locked and all the IQ Bot services will start successfully after an installation, irrespective of whether the password has special characters.
00348696 After login, when you change the UI display language to Japanese, the UI translations in the selected language display correctly. The translations did not display accurately in IQ Bot Version 6.5.
-- After any node is removed from a cluster, the cookies are no longer stored in the environment variable. This enables a clean re-installation.
00248270 The Learning Instance details page loads as expected. Previously, there was a delay in loading the page.
-- When you create learning instances with permissions for the role View the learning instances having the same role, you can now see learning instances created by your user role only. Previously, you were able to see learning instances created by other users as well.
-- The learning instance details page now correctly shows all data for a bot and the available options. Previously, the system displayed the following message: No current groups in this instance.
00339407 Draw box functionality for field labels now ensures that the selected value is treated as an entire word rather than distinct characters. You can now select multiple system identified regions (SIRs) or a specific part of a single SIR from a field label, which enables accurate data extraction in the IQ Bot Designer.
00599162 You can now download archive (.iqba) files for successfully processed documents using an API client without any errors even if the archived learning instances contain spaces in their names.

Known limitations

You have to manually refresh the Learning Instances page in IQ Bot to apply and update any permission changes made in the Control Room.
When uploaded file names have spaces in them, any attempt to delete or archive learning instances using the delete or archive API end points fails, showing an error message.
After installing IQ Bot, when you try to log in, the web page shows an "Access token expected in the 'X-Authorization' header" message instead of the dashboard.
Note: Restart the Automation Anywhere Control Room Reverse Proxy service to resolve this issue.
In the IQ Bot installer, the scroll bar for the pre-check screen that shows a list of all ports, services, and software dependencies for the installation is not displayed.
Note: This is a limitation of the InstallShield tool.
Sometimes, when editing a bot, when you click Test Run, the custom logic script fails to run and no error message is displayed.
(Service Cloud Case ID: 00605607)

When you draw a box to select text in the Validator and try to save the document, it is sometimes not saved, and the corresponding .csv file is not created in the output folder.