Upgrading system to IQ Bot 11.x

As enhancements and bug fixes are provided with Version, use this topic to review the upgrade instructions.


  • Log in to Automation Anywhere support site and download Automation_Anywhere_IQ_BOT_11.3.4.3.zip:

    A-People Downloads page (Login required)

  • Perform the following steps to preserve the desktop shortcut:
    1. Navigate to the IQ Bot installation directory.
    2. Right-click the Cognitive Platform internet shortcut, go to Properties > Web Document, and copy the URL.

      After installing Version, you can use this to launch IQ Bot.

    3. Install Version
    4. Use the copied URL to launch IQ Bot Version

      The IQ Bot desktop shortcut cannot be edited. Use the copied URL to open IQ Bot Version every time.

    Alternatively, after registering IQ Bot with the Control Room, you can access the IQ Bot application by using http://controlroom-URL/IQBot or https://controlroom-URL/IQBot.

The installer stops all IQ Bot services and restarts them after the installation is complete.


  1. Extract the contents from the Automation_Anywhere_IQ_BOT_11.3.4.3.zip file, and double-click the Automation_Anywhere_IQ_BOT_11.3.4.3.exe to launch the installer.

    Ensure that you run the installer as an administrator user.

  2. Click Next to start the installation.
    The Finished screen on the installer window indicates that the installation was successful.
  3. Click Finish to exit the installer.
    IQ Bot Version is installed, and you can restart the system.

Next steps

Installing Version removes the setting where you have configured IQ Bot services to run with a service account user. The services will then run as a local user. After the installation, use the following instructions to reconfigure each service to the appropriate account user credentials:

  1. Navigate to Start > Services.
  2. Right-click each service and select Properties > Log On > This account to change to the appropriate service account user.