Navigating through your training documents

IQ Bot analyzes training documents and groups, and arranges them in an alpha-numeric sequence.

IQ Bot performs an initial field mapping based on existing knowledge from any pre-trained document types. The training documents are listed in an alpha-numeric sequence.

The See Extraction Results menu lists the uploaded training documents in an alpha-numeric sequence. The files are listed in an old to new sequence. You can navigate through the documents one by one, or use the forward and the back arrows to jump to the first, or the last training document.

For IQ Bot onward, when you click Change Training Document , you are able to view all training documents available in that group, and can select a specific document from that group.

Training documents in a batch are listed in the following order:
  • Files names starting with special characters.
  • File names starting with numbers.
  • File names starting with alphabets.

After you upload the training documents, in the Review menu, click View Each Group. The training documents appear in alpha numeric sequence. Perform the following steps to preview the training documents:


  1. Click the forward button to navigate to the next file.
  2. Click the fast forward button to navigate to the last file.
  3. Click the backward button to navigate to the previous file.
  4. Click the fast-backward button to navigate to the first file.
  5. Click Change Training Document .

    The confirmation window appears.

  6. Click Yes, Change.

    Edit the training document as per the requirement.

    Note: The sequence in which the training documents appear remains the same, even if you edit the documents.

    Each training document that you copy from the staging environment to the production environment, has its own time-stamp. However, in the staging environment, the documents are listed based on original uploading sequence.

    When you upload the training files from production environment to staging environment, the documents are listed based on the original time-stamp.