IQ Bot 11.x: Installing IQ Bot in Cluster mode on machines with IQ Bot preinstalled

If you have IQ Bot already installed on your machine, uninstall IQ Bot, stop RabbitMQ service, and clean the existing RabbitMQ v3.8.18 cookies before installing IQ Bot in Cluster mode.


  • Open ports 4369 and 25672 and add inbound firewall rules to allow traffic to these ports on each target machine.
  • To add nodes to the cluster, sync the RabbitMQ v3.8.18 cookies to enable running any RabbitMQ v3.8.18 commands . If IQ Bot is already installed on the target machine, clean up and remove the existing cookies.
Follow the clean up procedure before setting up a cluster:


  1. Uninstall IQ Bot from Program and Features.
  2. Stop the RabbitMQ v3.8.18 service, by running the command: net stop RabbitMQ /yes.
  3. Uninstall RabbitMQ v3.8.18 from %Programfiles%\RabbitMQ Server\uninstall.
  4. Stop the epmd.exe and its descendants by running this command: Taskkill /IM epmd.exe /F.
  5. Stop erl.exe and erlsrv.exe and its descendants by running the following commands:
    1. Taskkill /IM erl.exe /F
    2. Taskkill /IM erlsrv.exe /F
  6. Uninstall Erlang from %Programfiles%\erl8.2\Uninstall.
  7. Remove the following folders if they were not removed from the uninstall:
    1. %Programfiles%\Rabbit MQ Server
    2. %Programfiles%\erl8.2
  8. Remove the following folders: %appdata%\RabbitMQ, %WINDIR%\.erlang.cookie, %USERPROFILE%\.erlang.cookie.

Next steps

Do the following after completing the installation steps:
  • The load balancer details for the following are available:
    • name of the load balancer
    • port
    • type of security used (For example, HTTP or HTTPS)
  • Share a folder for configuring the output path.
    Note: The user installing IQ Bot requires appropriate access permissions.