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Create an AARI process

  • Updated: 2022/06/27
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • AARI
    • Process flow

Create an AARI process

Create an Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface (AARI) process work flow to address your business requirements. You create the process in a process editor that incorporates human and bot tasks.


  • You must have a Bot Creator license.
  • You must be assigned a custom role with the create folder permission.


  1. Create a process:
    1. From your local machine, log in to your Control Room as a Bot Creator.
    2. From the left pane, click Automation, and then click Create new > Process.
    3. In the Create process page, enter a name for the new process.
      Processes are saved in the \Bots\ folder by . Click Browse to change the default folder.
    4. Click Create & edit.
    5. Optional: Click the process name to rename it.
  2. Add an initial form to the process by clicking Start.
  3. From the Start panel, perform these steps:
    1. Browse and Select initial data form.
    2. In the Request display name field, enter any text or insert a variable.
      This is the input variable. A dynamic title is created for this request that will be displayed in the web interface and will serve as a reference.
    3. Optional: In the Data privacy tag field, enter a text or variable to generate hidden custom output.
    4. Click Apply.
  4. Add a Bot Task to the process by dragging the element from the Element panel.
  5. From the Bot Task panel, perform these steps:
    1. Enter a name in the Element name field.
    2. Enter the task name in the Task display name field.
      The task display name appears in the web interface as a reference.
    3. Optional: Select the Hide this task after completion check box.
      After task completion, the Bot Task is not displayed to the user in the web interface.

      To display the hidden task, select the View hidden tasks check box in the tasks view page of the web interface.

    4. Browse and select the TaskBot in the Select Task Bot field.
    5. In the Run bot and dependencies using section, select a label version .

      You can choose Latest version (set by default) or Production label.

      The bot deploys the version that you select.
    6. In the Bot priority section, reference your bot priority level.
      Note: The bot priority level is a read-only label that shows Low, Medium, or High depending on the priority level that was set for the bot. Previously, the priority level was set to Medium for all the bots, but bot priority is now considered.
    7. Optional: In the Data privacy tag field, enter a text or variable to generate hidden custom output.
    8. Select the check box in Input values and specify a variable.
      The variable input expected by the bot is mapped with the variable that will be populated when creating the request.
      1. Select a task in the Process task field.
      2. Select a type in the Variable type field.

        You can choose Input, Output, or Meta.

        See AARI variable types.

      3. Specify your variable in the Variable field.
    9. Click Apply.
  6. Add a condition to the process by dragging the condition from the Elements panel.
    You can choose If/Else pair or Else if.