Export Enterprise 11 Bot Insight dashboards for migration

Use the Bot Insight pre-migration utility to export your Enterprise 11 Bot Insight dashboard metadata (widgets and layouts) and dashboard profile as a zip file. Run this utility in your Enterprise 11 device and paste the zip file in the Automation 360 repository to migrate the Bot Insight dashboards.


  • Back up the Bot Insight database after you have backed up the Enterprise 11 Control Room database and restore it in the SQL Server instance. Ensure the following when you restore the Bot Insight database:
    • Use the same username and password of the Control Room database used in Automation 360.
    • The name of the Bot Insight database that you are restoring in Automation 360 environment is the same as the Enterprise 11 Bot Insight backed up database.
  • Ensure that JRE is installed in the Enterprise 11 device.
Important: Migration of Bot Insight is supported only if the database is installed on Microsoft SQL Server or if the Metadatabase is installed on either Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL Server. Bot Insight migration is not supported if the database is installed on PostgreSQL Server.
Note: After data is migrated from Enterprise 11 to Automation 360, ensure that the end-to-end migration activity is completed within 90 days from the first day of data migration. After 90 days, the Bot Insight analytical data will be deleted.


  1. Download the latest version of the Bot Insight pre-migration utility from the Automation Anywhere Support site.
    Important: You must download the utility on the device on which the Enterprise 11 Control Room is installed.
    1. Navigate to the Automation Anywhere Downloads page: A-People Downloads page (Login required).
    2. Click the Automation 360 download link.
    3. Open the Installation Setup folder and download the AAE_Export_BI_Dashboards_< version_number> file, for example, AAE_Export_BI_Dashboards_A360.23.jar.

    See the following video on how to download the pre-migration utility:

  2. Run the utility in the Enterprise 11 device.
    1. Open the Windows command prompt.
    2. Run the following command to export the Bot Insight dashboards to a zip file: java -jar "<path_of_downloaded_utility_jar/AAE_Export_BI_Dashboards_< version_number>.jar" -installationPath "<installation_path>/Enterprise" -outputDir "<path_to_save_zip_file>/dashboards"
      For example: java -jar "Downloads/AAE_Export_BI_Dashboards_A360.23.jar " -installationPath "C:/Program Files/Automation Anywhere/Enterprise" -outputDir "E:/AA/work/release/A360/migration/dashboard"
      The utility generates the dashboards.zip file at the output directory you specified.
    Note: You can also use double backslash (\\) to run the JAR file.
  3. Create the bot-insight folder at the Automation 360 installation location.
    For example, C:\Program Data\Automation Anywhere\Server Files\bot-insight

    In this path, C:\Program Data\Automation Anywhere\Server Files is a dynamic path, which can be any location based on your requirement. The folder structure following the dynamic path (\bot-insight) is a constant path that does not change.

  4. Copy the dashboards.zip file available at the output location and paste in the Server Files\bot-insight folder.

Next steps

After exporting dashboards in the Automation 360 repository, do the following for migrating the Bot Insight dashboards.
  1. Install Automation 360 and log in to your Automation 360 staging environment.

    Installing Control Room On-Premises

  2. Migrate the bots along with the Bot Insight data and dashboards using the Bot Migration Wizard.

    Migrate Enterprise bots

See the following video on how to prepare Bot Insight data for migration: