RPA Bots for Salesforce 3.5 Release Notes

Review the new and changed features in RPA Bots for Salesforce version 3.5.

Supported Automation Anywhere Enterprise versions

Supported for Automation 360 Cloud deployment and On-Premises.

The RPA Bots for Salesforce solution in the Automation Anywhere platform enables you to run automated processes and bots for routine business processes from any Salesforce Cloud record page.

New Features

Automated processes now available with Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface (AARI) integration

With the AARI integration, common business workflows are now more simple and accurate by users having access to automated processes. For more information, see Process automations in RPA Bots for Salesforce.

Process configurations feature to map AARI processes to Salesforce

After you enable AARI integration, you can now use the process configurations feature to select a process from AARI and map and deploy it in Salesforce by using the Automation Launcher component. Create process configurations in RPA Bots for Salesforce

Changed Features

Process connection required for process configurations

When you create a connection, you choose either a bot or a process connection type. Each connection type corresponds to the purpose of how the connection is used in Salesforce. To configure a process, you need an authorized connection with the process type.

Automation Launcher modifications for automated processes

The Automation Launcher component includes the following updates to support AARI integration:
  • Settings (gear icon) are available for users to Enable AARI.
  • Process configurations are discernible by a Start button and a brief status of requests in process. Each process includes a refresh option.

More languages supported

Now, all the languages supported in the Automation Anywhere Control Room are supported in RPA Bots for Salesforce.