Verify the bot migration

It is important that you verify that the migration is complete and the migrated bot runs successfully in the Automation 360 environment. The bot might have been converted, but it might contain errors that prevent it from running successfully.


  1. Log in to your Automation 360 environment from a machine with the Bot Agent installed using a Bot Creator account and the "View Migration" permission.
  2. Verify that the migration completed successfully by clicking Administration > Migration.
  3. Confirm that your migration instance has the successful status (green check mark) and the Migrated Item column shows 1 to indicate that 1 bot was migrated.
    If the Migrated Item column shows 0, your bot has not migrated successfully and will not be available on the Automation page.
  4. Verify that the bot runs successfully by clicking Activity > In progress.
  5. Navigate to the migrated bot.
    For example, if you migrated a bot from the My Tasks folder, then navigate to the same folder to find your migrated bot.
  6. Click the bot and fix any errors.
  7. Run the bot to confirm that all errors have been fixed.