Create users for Automation Co-Pilot

Control Room Admin can create users and assigns the required system roles for AARI Admin, AARI Manager, and AARI User to use Automation Co-Pilot for business processes.


Ensure that you have purchased the AARI license for your business users.
Note: These roles are only applicable for Automation Co-Pilot.


  1. From your local machine, log in to your Control Room as administrator.
  2. Go to Administration > Users.
  3. Click Create user.
    The icon is located at the top-right of the Users table.
    The Create user page is displayed.
  4. In the General Details section, enter the following user details:
    Enable User
    Select the check box so that the user can log in immediately.
    Enter a unique user name.
    Optional: Enter a description for the user.
    First name
    Optional: Enter the first name of the user.
    Last name
    Optional: Enter the last name of the user.
    Type and confirm a password for the user. Ensure the password follows any necessary password policy.
    Enter and confirm the email address for the user. If SMTP is enabled, the user is sent an email to this address to confirm the account. Click the URL in the email to log in to the Control Room and set up your credentials. All important Control Room notifications will be sent to this email address.
  5. In the Select Roles section, select one of the following roles from the Available roles column:
    RoleSelect this role
    AARI Admin AAE_Robotic Interface Admin
    AARI Manager AAE_Robotic Interface Manager
    AARI User AAE_Robotic Interface User
  6. Click the right arrow to move the role to the Selected column.
  7. In the Allocate a device license section, select the following:
    Admin Retain the default None.

    The user with administrator role has access to the Control Room and Automation Co-Pilot.

    Manager Retain the default None for administrative tasks only.

    Optionally, assign the Automation Co-Pilot user license for this user to create a request, submit tasks, and create and view teams.

    The user with manager role has access to Automation Co-Pilot.
    User Assign the AARI license. You can also optionally assign the attended Bot Runner license to run local bots or use the desktop interface.

    The user has access to Automation Co-Pilot.

  8. In the AARI licenses section, select the AARI User check box.
  9. Click Create user.
    The new user is displayed in the User table. If SMTP is enabled, an email will be sent to the new user inviting them to log in.