Configure scheduler user for Automation Co-Pilot

You can configure a scheduler user (global scheduler or per-process scheduler) to allocate the Control Room resources (devices and unattended Bot Runners) for Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users on the web interface. This scheduler user is a dedicated user who helps the process deployment.

The role assigned to the scheduler user cannot be a shared role with any other user such as Bot Runner or an admin user. To perform this task, you will use both the Control Room and Automation Co-Pilot.

There are multiple considerations when a bot is deployed. The following process flow illustrates the priority of a scheduler user and device pool during bot deployment.Bot deployment follows the process flow in image.


  1. Create a scheduler user with a role in the Control Room .
  2. Create device pools in the Control Room .
    Note: AARI Admin is the device pool owner and can select a custom role (AARI-pool-scheduler) in Device Pool Consumers.
  3. Assign a scheduler user to a process in the web interface.