Setup installation summary

Continue from the Control Room installer to the Ready to Install the Program wizard page. From this stage of the installation wizard, you finish the installation wizard and monitor the installation progress.


  1. Click Next.

    The Ready to Install the Program screen appears.

  2. Click Install and allow the installation process to complete.
    The InstallShield Wizard Completed screen appears.
  3. Click Finish.
    Launch Automation Anywhere is enabled by default.
    Enable Show installer settings to open the aae-installsummary.html file. By default, this is located at C:\Program Files\Automation Anywhere\Enterprise\. Use this file to view a summary of the installation.

Next steps

Complete the Control Room configuration and validation.
  • Complete Control Room post-installation configuration

    After installing the Control Room, complete the configuration settings to ensure timely Automation Anywhere communications are specified and confirm Automation Anywhere services are running.

  • Post-installation user management

    After completing the post-installation tasks, validate the setup by logging in to the Control Room and installing a license. First time access to the Control Room walks you through the configuration for your authentication method.

  • Users

    As a Cloud user with administrator permissions, you can create, view, edit, delete, and enable or disable a user. Creating users steps vary depending on whether the user is a non-Active Directory, Active Directory, or single sign-on (SSO) user from an IdP server.