Setup iFrame widget using AARI Integrations

You can define your integrations with iFrame widget for your supported web applications. This includes creating a new integration, iFrame widget, and configuring the iFrame widget code.


Ensure you have completed the following:

  • Provided a system-created AAE_Robotic_Interface Admin role for the AARI admin.
  • Have access to the AARI web interface.
  • Complete any necessary password changes to access the AARI web interface.
For this task, you can create new integrations and configure your iFrame widget details including access to the embed code for you to copy and use in a web application.
重要: You can only setup integrations and iFrame widget details for web applications that supports the iFrame widget. If the web application does not support the iFrame widget, refer to AARI Integrations and AARI Extensions.


  1. Log in to the AARI web interface.
  2. Navigate to Manage > Integrations.
    The Integrations Setup page appears for you to setup your connection. If this is your first time accessing this page, you will see the No Integrations label.
  3. Click Add Integrations to add a new integration.
  4. Specify a name for the integration in the Name field.
    You can name it Integrations or the name of your favorite web application to help you define the web application that you plan to embed the iFrame widget.
  5. Optional: Specify a description for your integration in the Description field.
  6. Click Create & edit.
    Your integrations is now created and forwards you to an Edit integration page that you can edit your integration.
  7. Navigate to the Widgets tab in the same page.
    You can add iFrame widgets to your integration in this tab.
  8. Click the plus (+) icon.
    The Add Widget page prompts you to add a new iFrame widget to your integration.
  9. Specify a name for the iFrame widget in the Widget name field.
  10. Click Save.
    You have now successfully defined a new iFrame widget for your integration.
    You can now generate an iFrame code.
  11. Click the three dots (ellipses) next to the name of your iFrame widget.
    • Embed code option allows you to generate code for the iFrame widget.
    • Edit option enables you to edit the iFrame widget details.
    • Delete option will delete the iFrame widget.
  12. Click Embed code option.
    The Embed code window appears and prompts you configure the code details.
  13. Specify the size of the iFrame widget width and height in the Widget width and Widget height fields, respectively.
    注: The default size of the iFrame widget width and height are 100 %. You can change % (default) to px for pixels depending on your preference.
  14. Click Copy in the Embed code section to copy the code.
    Example of the embed code window
  15. Optional: Click Email embed code if you would like to open your local mail client to email the embed code to another individual.
    You now have access to the iFrame widget code.
  16. Click Close.
    You have now successfully copied your iFrame widget code that can be used in a supported web application.
    For your next steps, you can assign automations to your team, see Assign automations to teams.